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Published June 01, 2022

Can Weed Cure a Hangover?

We’ve all been there … you’ve spent all weekend partying and you wake up on Sunday with a KILLER hangover. Instead of letting the day ahead slip between your fingers, why not ask yourself “can weed cure a hangover?”.

How Weed Helps Hangovers

Let’s break it down. A weekend of partying means you’re likely struggling in a few areas:

Sleep – Trying to sleep with a hangover is a nightmare. A few puffs of a joint will take you from irritated and exhausted to a peaceful sleep within a few minutes.
Anxiety – Post-partying anxiety is a real thing and it’s no fun to deal with. Use a calming strain of cannabis, such as our “Take Care: Meon-aid 1:1” while you sit by the pool and get back to your regular self.
Nausea – Research suggests that THC found in cannabis reduces nausea and vomiting so if you’re someone that struggles with getting sick after a heavy night out, it might be time to give weed a chance.
Headaches – When you consume alcohol, the blood vessels expand, more often than not leading to a nasty headache the next day! Skip the headache by smoking a joint or taking an edible to ease the pain.

Stock Up Now

Can weed cure a hangover? In most cases – yes. So get ahead of the problem before it’s a problem! Get your hands on Forbidden Flowers’ wide range of cannabis products so you’re prepared for your next hangover.

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