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Published May 08, 2022

Women’s Health and Cannabis

Women’s Health Week is just around the corner (May 8 – 14), so there’s no better time to take a deep dive into women’s health and cannabis. How does cannabis affect women specifically? Are there any concerns to keep in mind? Let’s find out!

The Link Between Women’s Health and Cannabis

Women are built differently than men. We experience different mental and physical symptoms, often depending on where we are in our menstrual cycle.

Mental Health Benefits

Us gorgeous girls sometimes struggle with our mental health and that’s okay. Many studies have shown how cannabinoids found in cannabis help with reducing anxiety and depression. If you don’t enjoy smoking or are worried about feeling ‘high’, there are many products you can turn to.

Using CBD products that contain no THC (or a small amount) will provide the emotional and cognitive assistance you’re after without any psychological effects.

Cannabis for Menstrual Pain

It’s no secret that women go through hell and back when it’s our time of the month! Having a period is painful AF but cannabis offers women a natural treatment for handling some of the side effects, especially pain management of cramps.

Cannabis can also help with any pain related to PMS, including nausea, stress, and anxiety.

Where to Get Cannabis

When you’re ready to give cannabis products a try, Forbidden Flowers was created with women’s needs in mind. Read about the different eFFx here and shop our products now!

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