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Published October 05, 2022

Weed Diamonds: The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of weed diamonds? If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you may not have stumbled upon these types of diamonds before. While beginners are always welcome, diamonds are best suited for experienced cannabis users. This guide will explore what they are, how they’re created and infused, their benefits and more.

What Are Weed Diamonds?

The name comes from how cannabinoids look when they’re purified and isolated. They form crystalline solids that result in a diamond-like shape. Any cannabinoid can be turned into a diamond but THCA (THC Acid) and CBD are the ones you’ll most often come across.

Diamonds and terpene sauce can sometimes get confused as they’re both highly concentrated. Sauce is different than diamonds because it comes in liquid form. It’s an extract that has high inconsistent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes and has an intense flavor. Terpene sauce contains diamonds within its mixture, providing a strong high and provides a different flavor with each hit since the terpenes within the diamonds aren’t evenly distributed throughout.

When comparing diamonds to other forms of cannabis, the potency of diamonds will range between 50% and 90%. The range depends on the biomass and how it’s extracted from the cannabis plant. Other forms of cannabis that are considered to be ‘very potent’ fall between the 15-20% range. Novice smokers might want to take a backseat to diamonds until they’ve built up a bit of a tolerance to cannabis, otherwise, it could lead to greening out or experiencing a bad high.

Due to their high purity level, it is no surprise that diamonds are valued at a higher cost. If you want to give diamonds a try, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to over $150.

How Weed Diamonds Are Created

Diamonds are made by extracting live resin from the plant through a cold-extraction method and then applying pressure to the oil until it crystallizes. It’s crucial to have the right temperature when extracting the THCA because unlike THC and other cannabinoids, it’s inactive.

That means that unless heated properly, you won’t experience a high from THCA. The most common way to consume weed diamonds is by smoking or dabbing its concentrate.

How to Consume Diamonds

There are a few different ways you can consume diamonds. One of the easiest ways is by smoking. To do so, you can infuse your bowl of weed or a joint with diamonds. You’ll want to mash up the diamonds until they turn into a fine powder. At that point, it’s best to put them below the bud so that they get heated indirectly.

If smoking isn’t your thing, you can always try other methods such as dabbing, edibles or vaping. When dabbing, it’s common to add some terpene sauce to the diamonds as they are often nearly 100% THCA.

Edibles offer an entirely different experience, as they won’t have a psychoactive effect. Instead, they usually have similar effects as CBD products would. This is a great option if you don’t feel like getting high but still want to kick back and relax.

What Are the Benefits?

Wondering whether or not you should try diamonds? Diamonds are an excellent addition to your regular cannabis routine when you want to change things up and let’s face it –diamonds won’t let you down.

At the highest potency available, they’re the best choice if you’ve built up a tolerance to cannabis. You don’t need much to experience a strong high and even a single gram can be split into smaller portions to be used when smoking, vaping or dabbing.

Another benefit is that it’s a great option for medical users. For those who turn to cannabis to help with migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, depression and more, diamonds might be the way to go!

Because of their strong effects, medical users can choose to alleviate symptoms without having to consume a lot of cannabis at once. A little goes a long way which is perfect for treating severe symptoms.

Where to Buy Weed Diamonds

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