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Published August 18, 2022

How Weed Affects Sex -What Science Has to Say

Will smoking weed or consuming cannabis products lead to better sex? Recent research says yes! With more states legalizing cannabis, we’re seeing more and more studies with intriguing findings. So today we’re exploring how weed affects sex to understand why it supposedly makes it better.

The Research Behind Cannabis and Sex

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty! Does weed actually make sex better? A Stanford University study with over 50,000 people explored the topic of general cannabis use and found that those who consumed more cannabis had sex more frequently. Although this doesn’t explain how or why sex is better with cannabis, it’s an interesting study.

The reason weed affects sex is because the parts of our brain that are linked to our libido (hippocampus and hypothalamus) are packed full of cannabinoid receptors. So low to moderate doses of THC affect our brain during sex.

When looking at overall sexual satisfaction, one study found that 73.8% of people were more satisfied when weed was involved. To make matters even better, 65.7% of people experienced a more intense orgasm.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Too much of a good thing isn’t so great and the same goes for weed and sex. It can be challenging at first to strike the right balance between feeling a little high and ready to get down and dirty. If you don’t consume enough, you won’t feel much of a difference but consuming too much THC has been proven to have an adverse effect on sex.

This can show up in a few different ways, such as sleepiness, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness.

Benefits of Using Weed Before Sex

Considering consuming weed before having sex? Here are some of the many benefits:
Libido -As mentioned earlier, cannabis use is linked to the frequency of sex when taken in low doses. If you’re consuming high doses of THC, it can have the opposite effect.
Stamina -It could help men last longer in bed. Men who were asked about sexual stamina said that consuming weed before sex resulted in a longer session than usual.
Touch Sensation -Cannabis enhances your sensations, making hugging, kissing, and caressing more sensitive. It also slows down your perception of time so it can prolong these desirable feelings and sensations.
Reduce pain -Let’s face it –sometimes vaginal or anal sex can be a little painful. Weed helps reduce pain, especially if you apply it topically. This is great if you struggle with pain during sex and want to have a more enjoyable experience!
Alleviating Anxiety and Trauma -With cannabis at play during sex, you’re likely to focus more on the present moment and feel less anxious. If you struggle with sexual trauma or PTSD, short-term memory loss that is sometimes experienced when using cannabis could be the answer to this problem (in the moment).
Lower Inhibitions -If there’s something you’ve been dying to try in the bedroom but have been a little shy about, weed might help you feel confident enough to try it. You may feel more open to living out fantasies you’ve only ever dreamed about!

Female Pleasure

We all know that there’s a BIG orgasm gap between men and women (in heterosexual couples). Luckily, weed affects sex often in a positive way for women, helping close this gap! Women who use cannabis before sex were twice as likely to experience satisfying orgasms.

Women who tend to stay fairly dry throughout sex would be happy to know that cannabis lube could help with that. Some lubricants contain THC to keep things running smoothly while providing a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Choose Your Strain

Any avid cannabis consumer knows that no two strain of weed is alike. Some will take you into a more relaxed state, others will help you sleep and some will make you hornier than ever! That’s where our ‘Turn On’ range steps in.

It will help you get in the mood with your lover(s) and feel open to trying new things in the bedroom if you’re looking to spice things up a bit! Grab our regular pre-rolls or diamond-infused pre-rolls to enjoy before you do the deed.

What Are You Waiting For?

Long story short –weed is likely to improve your sex life and who doesn’t want that? When you’re ready to give it a try, Forbidden Flowers will happily provide you with the best weed to experience heightened sensations and pleasure during sex!

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