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Holiday gift ideas for the weed lover on your list

Cannoisseurs are typically easy to please but if you’re shopping for someone who’s seemingly tried it all, these premium cannabis products are sure to deliver holiday cheer. Our Forbidden Flowers Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you find the perfect gift for the weed lover on your list, whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

Gifts for Her

  • Weed Diamonds: You know what they say about a girl and her diamonds … Give a gift that she’s never received before – weed diamonds! Our pre-rolls come infused with diamonds, adding a nice touch to an already perfect gift.
  • White Unleash + Inspire Crewneck: Add some color to her life this holiday season with this gorgeous crewneck.
  • Cropped Cherries Hoodie: The statement piece she’s been waiting for. It’s minimalistic yet trendy and one of kind, just like her.

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Couples

  • Pre-roll Packs: Pre-rolls are a great gift for anyone who enjoys indulging in cannabis but the Turn On eFFx is especially great for couples. The strain is designed specifically with intimacy in mind, so it’s the perfect treat for any couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Chill Out Bud: Perfect for a couple who needs to de-stress during the holiday season. Our Chill Out strain will send them into hibernation and a deep cozy sleep!

Gifts for All

  • Throw Blanket: Blankets are an excellent gift for those days when you smoke a joint and want to get cozy and lounge around the house all day. This throw blanket comes in two colorways and will make a lasting impression.
  • High Thoughts Notebook: There’s nothing worse than having an amazing high thought, only to forget it entirely just moments later. Enter the High Thoughts Notebook. It’s the perfect place to keep track of brilliant or funny high thoughts when you have them!
  • Bong Appetit: Hungry? Bong Appetit will help any cannabis lover learn more about cooking with weed.
  • Snacks: Speaking of which, this holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without munchies! Pick out an array of favorite snacks for the person you’re buying for and they’ll be eternally grateful.

Start crossing off some of gifts from your list and shop Forbidden Flower products, designed to unleash and inspire this holiday season.

Weed Diamonds: The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of weed diamonds? If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you may not have stumbled upon these types of diamonds before. While beginners are always welcome, diamonds are best suited for experienced cannabis users. This guide will explore what they are, how they’re created and infused, their benefits and more.

What Are Weed Diamonds?

The name comes from how cannabinoids look when they’re purified and isolated. They form crystalline solids that result in a diamond-like shape. Any cannabinoid can be turned into a diamond but THCA (THC Acid) and CBD are the ones you’ll most often come across.

Diamonds and terpene sauce can sometimes get confused as they’re both highly concentrated. Sauce is different than diamonds because it comes in liquid form. It’s an extract that has high inconsistent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes and has an intense flavor. Terpene sauce contains diamonds within its mixture, providing a strong high and provides a different flavor with each hit since the terpenes within the diamonds aren’t evenly distributed throughout.

When comparing diamonds to other forms of cannabis, the potency of diamonds will range between 50% and 90%. The range depends on the biomass and how it’s extracted from the cannabis plant. Other forms of cannabis that are considered to be ‘very potent’ fall between the 15-20% range. Novice smokers might want to take a backseat to diamonds until they’ve built up a bit of a tolerance to cannabis, otherwise, it could lead to greening out or experiencing a bad high.

Due to their high purity level, it is no surprise that diamonds are valued at a higher cost. If you want to give diamonds a try, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to over $150.

How Weed Diamonds Are Created

Diamonds are made by extracting live resin from the plant through a cold-extraction method and then applying pressure to the oil until it crystallizes. It’s crucial to have the right temperature when extracting the THCA because unlike THC and other cannabinoids, it’s inactive.

That means that unless heated properly, you won’t experience a high from THCA. The most common way to consume weed diamonds is by smoking or dabbing its concentrate.

How to Consume Diamonds

There are a few different ways you can consume diamonds. One of the easiest ways is by smoking. To do so, you can infuse your bowl of weed or a joint with diamonds. You’ll want to mash up the diamonds until they turn into a fine powder. At that point, it’s best to put them below the bud so that they get heated indirectly.

If smoking isn’t your thing, you can always try other methods such as dabbing, edibles or vaping. When dabbing, it’s common to add some terpene sauce to the diamonds as they are often nearly 100% THCA.

Edibles offer an entirely different experience, as they won’t have a psychoactive effect. Instead, they usually have similar effects as CBD products would. This is a great option if you don’t feel like getting high but still want to kick back and relax.

What Are the Benefits?

Wondering whether or not you should try diamonds? Diamonds are an excellent addition to your regular cannabis routine when you want to change things up and let’s face it –diamonds won’t let you down.

At the highest potency available, they’re the best choice if you’ve built up a tolerance to cannabis. You don’t need much to experience a strong high and even a single gram can be split into smaller portions to be used when smoking, vaping or dabbing.

Another benefit is that it’s a great option for medical users. For those who turn to cannabis to help with migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, depression and more, diamonds might be the way to go!

Because of their strong effects, medical users can choose to alleviate symptoms without having to consume a lot of cannabis at once. A little goes a long way which is perfect for treating severe symptoms.

Where to Buy Weed Diamonds

If you’re looking to get your hands on some diamonds ASAP, Forbidden Flowers’ diamond-infused pre-rolls are a great place to start!

They come with two pre-rolls which are perfect for sharing with a friend or lover. Our pre-rolls provide different eFFx depending on the mood you’re after.

Shop Forbidden Flowers now and see what the hype is about.



Mercury Retrograde: How to Thrive Within the Chaos

You may have heard that Mercury will be in retrograde soon but what does that mean exactly? We’re diving into the depths of what Mercury retrograde is about and how you can best survive these trying times!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury goes into retrograde a few times each year. Retrograde refers to when a planet at various times throughout the year appears to reserve its direction in the sky. In 2022, it’s happening from January 14 -February 3, May 10 -June 3, September 9 -October 2 and December 29 -January 18, 2023.

When Mercury is in retrograde, things seem to be thrown off normal course. This is because Mercury makes ‘inferior’ conjunction with the sun, re-setting its synodic cycle. During this time it’s normal to feel as if your schedules are mixed up, situations are ruined by simple misunderstandings or everything seems like you’re moving two steps forward and one step back.

How to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

With so much going on and mishaps almost guaranteed to happen, it may seem impossible to thrive during this time. The next time Mercury is in retrograde is during the Virgo and Libra season. This can be a stressful time for many. Luckily, there are a few things you can be doing to combat the fear and anxiety that comes with Mercury retrograde.


Because Mercury is the natural ruler of Virgo, it’s not uncommon to feel more anxious than usual during a retrograde. Allow yourself some grace and take some time to veg out if you feel like you need it! There’s nothing wrong with a little beauty rest and our ‘Chill Out’ cannabis is designed to help get you there.


With Mercury retrograde in Libra, relationships are another concern. Friendships and romantic partnerships can become challenging at this time as other people’s flaws become more pronounced. Instead of worrying about this coming to fruition, take it as an opportunity to work on strengthening your existing relationships. Our ‘Turn On’ cannabis just might be the perfect solution! Not only will it get you in the right mood to explore your romantic partner sexually but it will help you connect and increase intimacy during such a hectic time.


Virgos are notorious for their work ethic and are known for their productivity so experiencing a retrograde in Virgo can be overwhelming. Take this time to go easy on yourself and take a break from all the work when it’s needed! Of course, this is easier said than done but our ‘Zone In’ cannabis range will harness calm and focused energy while allowing you to dig into your creativity.

Make the Most of Retrograde

Mercury in retrograde doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden period! If you’re willing and open to lean into your self and are patient with your relationships with others, it can be a lot of fun. Of course, our range of cannabis products makes the experience that much better! Shop Forbidden Flowers today to get your hands on the best weed we’ve got.


How Weed Affects Sex -What Science Has to Say

Will smoking weed or consuming cannabis products lead to better sex? Recent research says yes! With more states legalizing cannabis, we’re seeing more and more studies with intriguing findings. So today we’re exploring how weed affects sex to understand why it supposedly makes it better.

The Research Behind Cannabis and Sex

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty! Does weed actually make sex better? A Stanford University study with over 50,000 people explored the topic of general cannabis use and found that those who consumed more cannabis had sex more frequently. Although this doesn’t explain how or why sex is better with cannabis, it’s an interesting study.

The reason weed affects sex is because the parts of our brain that are linked to our libido (hippocampus and hypothalamus) are packed full of cannabinoid receptors. So low to moderate doses of THC affect our brain during sex.

When looking at overall sexual satisfaction, one study found that 73.8% of people were more satisfied when weed was involved. To make matters even better, 65.7% of people experienced a more intense orgasm.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Too much of a good thing isn’t so great and the same goes for weed and sex. It can be challenging at first to strike the right balance between feeling a little high and ready to get down and dirty. If you don’t consume enough, you won’t feel much of a difference but consuming too much THC has been proven to have an adverse effect on sex.

This can show up in a few different ways, such as sleepiness, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness.

Benefits of Using Weed Before Sex

Considering consuming weed before having sex? Here are some of the many benefits:
Libido -As mentioned earlier, cannabis use is linked to the frequency of sex when taken in low doses. If you’re consuming high doses of THC, it can have the opposite effect.
Stamina -It could help men last longer in bed. Men who were asked about sexual stamina said that consuming weed before sex resulted in a longer session than usual.
Touch Sensation -Cannabis enhances your sensations, making hugging, kissing, and caressing more sensitive. It also slows down your perception of time so it can prolong these desirable feelings and sensations.
Reduce pain -Let’s face it –sometimes vaginal or anal sex can be a little painful. Weed helps reduce pain, especially if you apply it topically. This is great if you struggle with pain during sex and want to have a more enjoyable experience!
Alleviating Anxiety and Trauma -With cannabis at play during sex, you’re likely to focus more on the present moment and feel less anxious. If you struggle with sexual trauma or PTSD, short-term memory loss that is sometimes experienced when using cannabis could be the answer to this problem (in the moment).
Lower Inhibitions -If there’s something you’ve been dying to try in the bedroom but have been a little shy about, weed might help you feel confident enough to try it. You may feel more open to living out fantasies you’ve only ever dreamed about!

Female Pleasure

We all know that there’s a BIG orgasm gap between men and women (in heterosexual couples). Luckily, weed affects sex often in a positive way for women, helping close this gap! Women who use cannabis before sex were twice as likely to experience satisfying orgasms.

Women who tend to stay fairly dry throughout sex would be happy to know that cannabis lube could help with that. Some lubricants contain THC to keep things running smoothly while providing a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Choose Your Strain

Any avid cannabis consumer knows that no two strain of weed is alike. Some will take you into a more relaxed state, others will help you sleep and some will make you hornier than ever! That’s where our ‘Turn On’ range steps in.

It will help you get in the mood with your lover(s) and feel open to trying new things in the bedroom if you’re looking to spice things up a bit! Grab our regular pre-rolls or diamond-infused pre-rolls to enjoy before you do the deed.

What Are You Waiting For?

Long story short –weed is likely to improve your sex life and who doesn’t want that? When you’re ready to give it a try, Forbidden Flowers will happily provide you with the best weed to experience heightened sensations and pleasure during sex!

Best Ways to Spend the Summer Stoned

Ahhhh, summer. The season of bonfires on the beach, dance parties in the desert, sun-drenched afternoons—and of course, weed. Whether you have a chill vibe or a bit of a wild side, these warmer months are the perfect time to spark one up and savor each sunny moment. If you’re looking for some of the best ways to spend your summer stoned, check out this list of some of our favorite summertime adventures. 

Dance your ass off at a music festival. 

Although music festivals happen all year round, there’s nothing better than spending a day dancing to your favorite artist in the sun. The magical thing about music festivals is that you can catch several different acts in a day and connect with other fans. If you share some weed (like any of our energy-boosting Hype Up strains) with a friendly face in the crowd, you just might leave with a handful of new friends to add to your smoke circle and some unforgettable memories. 

To complete your music festival checklist, make sure to toss a few Hype Up diamond-infused pre-rolls into your luggage as well. They’re perfect for dancing on the go and fit perfectly in your purse, fanny pack, or even your pocket. They’re a concert go-to no matter the time of year. 

Detox at a spa. 

After a few days of partying at a music festival, you may want to unwind and get your mind right. So go ahead and treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa to release any built-up tension. Indulge in whatever treatments you desire; you can get a soothing massage, a hydrating facial, lounge around in a robe sipping green juice, or all of them at once. Whatever you need to do to get back on track after a weekend of celebrating until the sun comes up. 

Before you get to the spa, make sure to pre-game with plenty of water and a few puffs of any Chill Out strain. These buds have been specifically selected to provide a serene yet blissful state of mind, making them perfect for a solo day at the spa. 

Take a road trip. 

Exploring somewhere new is a major part of what makes summer the best time of year—and you don’t have to travel far or spend a ton of money. Whether you hit the road for a quick camping trip or a long getaway at a luxury resort, you’ll leave feeling both energized and refreshed. 

No matter where you choose to go, the right cannabis strain can turn your road trip into the time of your life. Roll a joint of your favorite Hype Up strain when you get to town to give you the boost you need for a daytime trek or indulge in a Chill Out strain to relax poolside. You can even toss a few half-gram pre-rolls into your bag whenever you need a pick-me-up along the way. 

Try a yoga class at the park.

You don’t have to be a full-on yogi to enjoy some fresh air and deep breathing. This is the time of year to get outside and stretch your muscles, even if you’ve never tried it before. To get you in a flexible mood, any Zone In pre-roll will get the job done. You’ll discover a mindful energy that carries you through the class but also keeps you rooted in the present moment. 

If you’re in more of an introspective mood, try one of our Turn On pre-rolls or eighth jars as you meditate. Think of this yoga class as a time to build a deeper connection with yourself, your body, and your soul. 

Host a sexy dinner party. 

Now is the time to light some candles, set the vibe, and invite a few of your closest friends over for an intimate dinner party—or just that person you’ve been crushing on forever. Whatever you decide, make your guests feel special with a curated drink menu, a spread of their favorite foods, and a playlist to get the mood just right. 

For a more summery feel, open up the windows to let a cool breeze tickle your skin or host the party outside in your backyard with plenty of twinkling lights. As the cherry on top of your delicious evening, set out plenty of Turn On flower for your friends to puff on throughout the night. Any of these strains will encourage your friends (or your date) to engage in deep, meaningful conversations while keeping the party vibes high. You never know where this night might end up. 

Get creative at an outdoor puff & paint. 

Smoking and painting on a beautiful summer day? It doesn’t get much better than that. Whether it’s just you and a friend painting together on your rooftop or you sign up for a group class, expressing your creativity can open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Just remember to spark up a Zone In pre-roll to get those creative juices flowing. In just a few puffs, your imagination will run wild with ideas and you’ll be able to tap into your artistic potential. 

Stock up on your summer essentials. 

Now that you know what you’ll be doing this summer, all you have to do is get the green. Shop Forbidden Flowers’ wide range of cannabis products so you have everything you need for your best summer yet. 

Can Weed Cure a Hangover?

We’ve all been there … you’ve spent all weekend partying and you wake up on Sunday with a KILLER hangover. Instead of letting the day ahead slip between your fingers, why not ask yourself “can weed cure a hangover?”.

How Weed Helps Hangovers

Let’s break it down. A weekend of partying means you’re likely struggling in a few areas:

Sleep – Trying to sleep with a hangover is a nightmare. A few puffs of a joint will take you from irritated and exhausted to a peaceful sleep within a few minutes.
Anxiety – Post-partying anxiety is a real thing and it’s no fun to deal with. Use a calming strain of cannabis, such as our “Take Care: Meon-aid 1:1” while you sit by the pool and get back to your regular self.
Nausea – Research suggests that THC found in cannabis reduces nausea and vomiting so if you’re someone that struggles with getting sick after a heavy night out, it might be time to give weed a chance.
Headaches – When you consume alcohol, the blood vessels expand, more often than not leading to a nasty headache the next day! Skip the headache by smoking a joint or taking an edible to ease the pain.

Stock Up Now

Can weed cure a hangover? In most cases – yes. So get ahead of the problem before it’s a problem! Get your hands on Forbidden Flowers’ wide range of cannabis products so you’re prepared for your next hangover.

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Festival Checklist: Cannabis Edition

Any avid festival goer knows just how stressful it can be to get ready for an upcoming festival. There’s a lot more that goes into having the perfect festival experience than simply making sure that your makeup and outfit are on point.

This festival checklist: cannabis edition, is here to help!

Using Cannabis at Festivals

With most states having legalized cannabis, it’s becoming more and more common for people to smoke or ingest cannabis at festivals. When you’re getting ready for a festival, you need to think about what will add the most to your experience.

The Best Cannabis Products

Your festival checklist wouldn’t be complete without edibles. Edibles make it easier than ever to get on the right vibe at a festival! Make sure you pay attention to the amount of THC when purchasing. Edibles take longer to kick in than smoking but they can hit HARD. Start out slow with no more than 10 mg and you can always up the dose as the day goes on.

Pre-rolls are another festival fan fave! Let’s face it, no one has time to roll their own joints at a festival. That’s where Forbidden Flowers’ Divine Dozens mini pre-roll pack steps in. Each pack contains 12 .3G pre-rolls that come in slim, pocket-sized packaging that fits in any bag and is perfect for sharing.

Is Your Festival Checklist Complete?

How are you going to consume cannabis this festival season? Shop our products now to enhance your festival experience.

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Women’s Health and Cannabis

Women’s Health Week is just around the corner (May 8 – 14), so there’s no better time to take a deep dive into women’s health and cannabis. How does cannabis affect women specifically? Are there any concerns to keep in mind? Let’s find out!

The Link Between Women’s Health and Cannabis

Women are built differently than men. We experience different mental and physical symptoms, often depending on where we are in our menstrual cycle.

Mental Health Benefits

Us gorgeous girls sometimes struggle with our mental health and that’s okay. Many studies have shown how cannabinoids found in cannabis help with reducing anxiety and depression. If you don’t enjoy smoking or are worried about feeling ‘high’, there are many products you can turn to.

Using CBD products that contain no THC (or a small amount) will provide the emotional and cognitive assistance you’re after without any psychological effects.

Cannabis for Menstrual Pain

It’s no secret that women go through hell and back when it’s our time of the month! Having a period is painful AF but cannabis offers women a natural treatment for handling some of the side effects, especially pain management of cramps.

Cannabis can also help with any pain related to PMS, including nausea, stress, and anxiety.

Where to Get Cannabis

When you’re ready to give cannabis products a try, Forbidden Flowers was created with women’s needs in mind. Read about the different eFFx here and shop our products now!

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Meet the New FF Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls

If you aren’t smoking diamond-infused weed, you’re missing out! We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend so why not pair them with high potent weed that will take you on a journey to another universe? Enter Forbidden Flower’s “A High on the Rocks”, our diamond-infused pre-rolls. While they look pretty (obviously), they’re much more than that …
Not quite convinced? Here’s why you need to get your hands on them ASAP!

Why Pre-Rolls?

Our diamond-infused pre-rolls come as twosomes, making them perfect for smoking with a friend, lover, or anyone in between. Smoking alone? You can always save a joint for later!

Rolling a joint is time-consuming. Don’t waste your precious time rolling when you can have more time to yourself. We’ve made it easy AF for you to unwind and take a hit right when you need it most. You can thank me later.

What’s in Our Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls?

These twosome pre-rolls are the perfect size (.5G each), coming in iconic packaging that shines as bright as a diamond. The glittery top and tube come in 4 different colors so you can easily choose the right eFFx for your high, making it easier to grab the right strain when you’re on the go!

The diamonds aren’t there just for the bling. The diamonds work in combination with the terpenes to create a higher potency and tasty flavor at the same time because if you’re not smoking potent weed, why are you even smoking?

These pristine pre-rolls come with different eFFx, depending on the mood you’re in. Each type of strain provides a different feeling, specific to the vibe you’re hoping to achieve. If you want to hype up, turn on, zone in, or chill out, we’ve got the right strain for you. Grab one or grab them all and experience all that diamond-infused weed has to offer.


Weed for Sex

Looking for something to help you get into the groove or spice things up in the bedroom? Our ‘Turn On’ strains are designed with those intimate moments in mind. Whether you’re in the mood to explore with new partners or add some adult toys into the mix, this is the best weed for sex – hands down!

Don’t believe me? You’ll have to try it for yourself ;).

Weed for Anxiety

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on weed for anxiety, you can’t go wrong with our ‘Chill Out’ strains! They’ll give you a chance to kick back, meditate or fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. Draw yourself a warm bubble bath, take a few tokes and watch as all of your stress and anxiety melt away. Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to happy thoughts!

Weed for Relaxation

Sometimes when you’ve had a long, hard day, you need to just need to chill the F out. Once again, our ‘Chill Out’ strains will get you there after the first puff! This weed was designed with relaxation in mind so you know you’re going to get exactly that. Whether you’re up for a movie night or want to vibe to your fav music, this weed will take you there. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Weed for Creativity

Our diamond-infused pre-rolls are also great if you’re trying to get into the creative zone. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing! Maybe that’s music, writing, arts and crafts, or another creative outlet. Whatever the case may be, our ‘Zone In’ strains will be right up your alley, helping you maintain focus while tapping into your inventive side. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Take a Walk on the Sparkly Side

A high on the rocks is one you can’t miss! Grab our diamond-infused pre-rolls to enjoy on your next date, when you’re hanging with friends or just spending some quality time by yourself. The experience is enchanting and unmatched because you deserve nothing but the best babe.

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Give the Gift of Weed-Infused Chocolates

Love season is upon us which means everyone is on the hunt for the best Valentine’s Day gift for their lover or lovers of themselves. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you need to consider weed-infused chocolates, and here’s why!

Why Weed-Infused Chocolates?

Now, don’t get me wrong, flowers are nice and all but they don’t hit the spot like these weed-infused chocolates do. Upgrade your Valentine’s Day gift this year with a unique twist on a V Day fav with Forbidden Flowers’ Infused Truffle Flight.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Some may say it’s the perfect gift … and they wouldn’t be wrong. These artisanal AF treats were handmade in Santa Barbara, CA. Each truffle was crafted from rich, single-origin chocolate containing all-natural flavors, as well as top-shelf ingredients that were designed to heighten the eFFx.

Nothing screams romance, intimacy, or sex like one of these truffles! Share the box with your lovers or keep the whole thing for yourself (I won’t judge). Make the day special, no matter if you’re in a relationship or not because you deserve nothing less.

What’s Included?

Our infused chocolates are enough to keep you and/or your special someone satisfied for Valentine’s Day and beyond. So what can you expect? The case pack comes with 5 unique infused chocolate truffles, 4 of which follow Forbidden Flower’s signature Effx, with 5MG of THC each!


  1. Chill Negro Caramel – Utilizing our ‘Hype Up’ eFFx, you’ll be the life of the party after a taste of these truffles. The delicious chocolate and caramel duo is the perfect combo to keep you going through the night. It’s also packing a bit of heat, which could lead to some fun in the bedroom if you’re open to it!
  2. Black Pepper and Cardamom Carmel – When it comes to weed for sex or weed for intimacy, this truffle won’t let you down! If using weed from our ‘Turn On’ strains wasn’t enough, the black pepper and cardamom act as aphrodisiacs for an extra spicy Valentine’s Day. Celebrating alone? All the more reason to indulge in yourself and practice some self-love. There’s no shame in introducing adult toys after you get a taste of this truffle – in fact, I’d highly recommend it.
  3. Ginger and Turmeric Caramel – Ready to let your creative side run wild? This sweet meets spicy combo will support your cognitive functions, serving you all the benefits you’d find from our ‘Zone In’ strains. Let your mind wander as you explore your different love languages and have fun while doing it.
  4. Pink Peppercorn and Lavender Blossom Caramel – The peppercorn mixed with lavender is a dreamy union that will bring nothing but euphoria your way! Infused with our ‘Chill Out’ strains, relaxation is right around the corner. It’s perfect for a cozy night in with your loved one or a sexy massage before bed and what could be better than that?
  5. Old Fashioned Caramel – A Forbidden Flowers Original that’s infused with luxardo cherry syrup, angostura orange bitters, and bourbon (containing no alcohol) is a fan fave. This rich, warm and citrusy treat will satisfy any sweet tooth while making your V Day fun AF.

Bella Thorne’s Stamp of Approval

Trust me when we tell you, we’re not here to sell you a product we don’t truly love. Chocolate and weed? Name a better duo, I’ll wait. Chocolate is a timeless gift for Valentine’s Day and when mixed with weed, you end up with an electric combo that’s sure to make the night memorable.

Where to Get Your Hands on It

As you can imagine, these weed-infused truffles won’t be around for long! So where can you grab some for you or your boo? Well, you’re in luck if you live in California because they’re only available at The Farmacy Berkeley, The Farmacy Santa Ana, The Farmacy Santa Barbara, and The Pottery.

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