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Bella Thorne, Boss | Hashish Now

Thorne’s brand is known for its greenhouse-grown cannabis flower sold in jewel-toned glitter jars with evocative strain names such as Midnight Thorneberry and Topanga Sunrise, which are intended to give the smoker an idea of what they’ll feel after toking up.

Celebrities lighting up cannabis industry: Snoop Dogg, more stars with their own brands

Celebrities are stepping into the growing world of cannabis. From CBD gummies to cultivating their own strains in states where usage is legalized, stars including Bella Thorne are using their names to promote marijuana brands.

From Disney stardom to cannabis CEO, this 24-year-old force of nature is just getting started.

Today, Thorne is putting elbow grease into her cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers, which launched in partnership with Santa Barbara County-based Glass House Farms in late 2019.

Take a look inside Bella Thorne's Coachella after-party — featuring Diplo, Big Sean, and 15 pounds of weed

Late Friday night, the day Coachella kicked off in Indio, California, celebrity guests began flooding the red carpet at Bella Thorne's after-party.

Bill Maher questions why Bella Thorne’s ‘generation’ is ‘anxious’: ‘What are you upset about?’

This week Maher sat down with the Paradise City actress on his new podcast series Club Random, in which they discussed Thorne’s new cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers.

Bill Maher Dismisses Bella Thorne and Her Generation’s Anxiety Over the ‘Way That the World Is Now’

Thorne explains how her battle with anxiety is what led to her starting a weed company, Forbidden Flowers.

Depending on Where You Live, You Can Legally Buy Weed From These Celebrities on 4/20

As the idea of federal legalization becomes more of a reality in the U.S., weed has become more accessible. And there are plenty of stars who have already gotten into the billion-dollar industry.

Forbidden Flowers: Bella Thorne’s Refreshingly Feminine Cannabis Line

Bella’s cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers embraces her foray into yet another new business sphere and encourages others to lighten up and light one up.

Bella Thorne (Forbidden Flowers) Weldon Angelos (The Weldon Project) And Kyle Kazan (Glass House Brands) Talk Cannabis Clemency At SXSW 2022

Thousands of individuals are in federal prison for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Paul Salfen talks with Bella Thorne, Kyle Kazan and Weldon Angelos about Texas cannabis laws.

Bella Thorne Discusses Cannabis Clemency During This Year’s SXSW In Austin

The former Disney star talks cannabis, the industry’s issues, and what it will take for President Biden to take action.

9 Celebrities with Winning Cannabis Brands

The legal U.S. cannabis market is still expanding, and experts in every industry are throwing their hat in the ring — especially those who’ve made their mark in entertainment.

New Strains for your Brain, January 2022

Coming out of December and into January saw a ton of new strain drops and reups of favorite strains throughout California. Here’s a look at what people were smoking on in January.

The Good, The Bad, And The Almost Un-Smokable Of Celebrity Weed Brands

The world of celebrity weed exists independently from the weed world at large. For the most part, these brands, as well as their namesakes, have little to do with cannabis culture or the cannabis they’re selling.

65 Celebrity Christmas Gift Ideas That'll Be A Hit With Your Crew

Still trying to figure out what Christmas gifts to give family, friends and co-workers? Let celebrities help.

Make this Green Wednesday LIT with Forbidden Flowers

Are you planning to get LIT on Green Wednesday next week? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and whether you’re planning to load up your plate in an attempt to cure your hangover, or gearing up for another family showdown, Green Wednesday might be your golden ticket to surviving the day and Forbidden Flowers has your back!

A Full Review Of Bella Thorne’s Weed Brand, Forbidden Flowers

In 2021, celebrity weed brands are far from a new phenomenon. From Seth Rogen and Travis Scott to Justin Bieber and Jay-Z, famous people cannot stop digging their hands into the fertile soil that is the modern cannabis space. Enter Forbidden Flowers, actress, model, and singer Bella Thorne’s new cannabis brand.

13 celebrities who invest in the marijuana industry

Justin Bieber and Beyoncé are some names that invest their fortunes in cannabis – a market that moves billions of dollars a year.

These Celebrities Use Their Influence to Expand the Cannabis Market

Celebrities are coming together to use their influence to expand the cannabis market. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snoop Dogg stated that “if you’re smart enough, you get in”. The likes of Seth Rogen, Jay-Z, Jim Belushi, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Wiz Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Jaleel White, and Melissa Etheridge are just some of the celebrities who are taking strides to further the cannabis industry.

All the celebrities who have started their own weed brands

Forget fashion collabs and boutique spirits: celebrity weed lines are the next big thing.

It’s Going To Be A Pot Girl Summer — For The Whole Summer

In case you’re late to the party, it’s a “Pot Girl Summer” — for the whole summer. And as more people are stepping outside ready to play, Los Angeles’ social media darlings have already RSVPed for the fun.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Need More Resilience, Here’s How—Lessons From Bella Thorne

More than half (54%) of Gen-Z want to start businesses of their own, believing that control, debt-freeness, purposeful lives, and environmentally conscious outlooks are worthy intentions effectuated by entrepreneurial endeavors and motivations.

Flower Power: 25 
Pot-repreneurs Who Are Invested in Cannabis and CBD Businesses

Every week it seems another celebrity announces the launch of a new cannabis brand. What started with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in 2015 has gone mainstream; Magic Johnson and Jane Fonda are CBD brand ambassadors now.

Social Justice, Safer Banking Among Marijuana Industry's Top 420 Trends

Like millions of Americans, actor Bella Thorne plans to celebrate 420 on Tuesday.

The difference is, Thorne will be able to get high with her own brand of cannabis, Forbidden Flowers.

Stars Who've Gotten Involved In The Cannabis Business

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and legally available, celebrities aren't just getting candid about their cannabis use -- they're now getting in on the business side of things! Over the past few years, numerous stars have gone green, becoming celebrity cannapreneurs.

Celebrities are joining the cannabis business in droves; we imagine how their products stand out

Celebrities have been known to slap their name or likeness on almost anything to make an extra buck. Why should recreational marijuana be any different?

Bella Thorne Presents Forbidden Flowers Cannabis Line

Bella Thorne’s cannabis line Forbidden Flowers is nothing the cannabis industry has ever seen!

The famous actress’s line was launched back in October 2019 in partnership with the Glass House Group.

Bella Thorne Talks Cannabis: ‘Forbidden Flowers Is My Baby’

Bella Thorne's cannabis line Forbidden Flowers defies all industry expectation.

Ethereal and unapologetically feminine in its aesthetic, the line consists sun-grown cannabis cultivated in Santa Barbara through a partnership with the Glass House Group.

New Cannabis Products: Lost Farm Chews, Bella Thorne's New Strains, And An Oral Spray

As the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Bella Thorne and Glass House Farms Reveal Three Additions to Forbidden Strains

Carpinteria Valley, California-based Glass House Farms and actress Bella Thorne recently announced the launch of three new strains as part of the Forbidden Flowers—an exclusive brand of cannabis flower and products.

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