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Bella Thorne

“Forbidden Flowers is my baby, and I wanted to make sure that it is nothing but high quality."

Bella Thorne, a mogul dominating the film and music industries, is growing her already budding empire with her latest ambition, Forbidden Flowers, a cannabis brand born out of her burning passion for the plant. The actress, director, best-selling author, musician, and now cannabis entrepreneur is never one to be afraid of pushing boundaries.

Her departure from one of the biggest media companies in the world gave her the unique opportunity to jump into building a cannabis brand unlike any other. She enthusiastically guides her growing 24.5 million devoted fans and followers into the wild world of weed, offering a space for unapologetic self-expression where your creative genius inside can be unleashed.

“I will only deliver the best. If it’s something I wouldn’t smoke regularly, it would not be on the shelves.”

License No. CCL18-0000512